Solution to pollution

With all those toxic pollutants in the atmosphere, it isn’t easy to get fresh as it used to be.

But, there are several measures which we can take to make air quality better not only for us but even for coming generations. If not done in a proper and timely manner, the worsening air quality can cause severe harm to the entire planetary ecosystem.

Reducing the numbers of automobile traffic and the use of cleaner vehicles is the best course of action towards cutting down on emissions.

Also, we can reduce Air Pollution by

  • Promoting public transport.
  • Air pollution reduction can also be accomplished through speed reduction.
  • Promoting the use of electric/hybrid cars.
  • Rerouting traffic.
  • Introducing access restrictions.

Through all this, CO2, lead, smoke, and particulate matter from road traffic emissions can considerably reduce thereby improving air quality.

Industries are the biggest air pollution sources as they emit high scores of pollutants into the air on a daily basis.

Acid rains will:

  • Installing Control devices termed as “pollution-eating nano-particles” in exhaust streams.
  • Use filtering devices like electrostatic precipitators, dust cyclones, particulate scrubbers, and bag-houses. These are able to reduce pollution by absorbing toxic emissions.
  • Switching to use of renewable energy.