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In some places of Sri Lanka, air quality has deteriorated to deadly levels, while in others, it has degraded to levels that may cause long-term damage. There is a demand for reliable information, which we hope to meet through our platform. Cleanair.lk provides access to the increasing amount of information on fine-scale and near-real-time monitored air quality.

We also provide information on the

  • Air quality monitoring
  • Sources of air pollution and its transport
  • Impacts of air pollution on health, ecosystems, agriculture and the atmosphere
  • Mitigation of air pollution.


We seek to provide:

  • authoritative information on air quality, its sources, its impacts and mitigation options in Sri Lanka.
  • Detailed current and recent air quality information.
  • Be a resource for education, training and research in air quality
  • Facilitate communication of air quality information particular to affected audiences Support advocacy for clean air in Sri Lanka


While the information is generally useful, our target audience are particularly,

  • Children in Middle Schools (Grades 6-9) engaged in extra-curricular activities
  • Youth undertaking tertiary education engaged in related activities
  • Community organizations and local government in communities/livelihoods that are
  • Exposed to Air Pollution
  • Advocates for Environmental Quality
  • Keenly Interested persons