What is Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is the air quality within and around buildings and structures.

Indoor air quality is important because we spend so much time indoors so keeping the air quality as clean as possible in your home, car and workplace is important for your and you’r parents health.

Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air can become polluted, just as outside air can. Indoor air pollution can affect the health, comfort and well-being of building occupants. Most of us spend much of our time inside buildings. We go to school or work indoors. We eat our meals, do our homework and sleep indoors. All of that time, we breathe air that is in that room. that’s why indoor Air Quality is also important.

How can Indoor air get polluted

  • Inadequate Ventilation
  • Excess moisture
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Paints
  • Chemicals From Craft Supplies
  • Building materials
  • Burning Products
  • Cleaning products & Air Fresheners
  • Outdoor sources 

How can we keep the air inside our homes and other buildings clean?

  • Need to be careful when buying and using Paints, Craft Supplies, Building materials, Cleaning products and Air fresheners. 
  • Use a dehumidifier and/or air conditioner to reduce moisture.
  • Minimize clutter.
  • Tell your parents to try to buy chemicals free or low products.
  • Use curtains for windows and clean them regularly.
  • Get rid of Tobacco smoke.
  • Improve ventilation and use air filters if needed.
  • Dust surfaces and vacuum frequently.